Yoga Classes

Classes come and go based on student interest and instructor availability. This is why you may see some of these classes on the schedule, but not others.




Alignment Yoga Fundamentals

with Tom


Accessible to first-time students and beneficial for students who appreciate subtler, more fundamental poses and techniques. We teach one fundamental each class and experience it in a variety of movements and postures.

Alignment Yoga 1

with Tom

All levels

Accessible to beginners. Adds opportunities for challenge in beginner postures. Moves faster than the fundamentals class; some prior experience in yoga is helpful.

Alignment Yoga 2

with Tom


A more challenging class that builds from experience with Alignment Yoga 1, including a variety of intermediate postures and refining postures, like Cobra, to avoid low-back hinging. Prior experience in yoga is recommended.

Aroma Yoga

with Jess

All levels

This is Yin Flow 1 or Vinyasa sequence (depending on instructor) with aromatherapy. Essential oils will be running in the diffuser during class, using smell to help create an intention and focus during class.

Energy Flow Yoga &
Energy Balance Yoga

with Tina

All levels

Awaken the inner energy of your body as you flow through your practice! Use breath to guide movement--you'll flow through sun salutations and other poses meant to increase heart rate, strengthen the body, and get your energy flowing! These classes are appropriate for all levels and do not build week to week--come anytime.

Rooted 45

All levels

This is a 45-minute Yin Flow 1 or Vinyasa sequence (depending on instructor).

Sunrise Yoga

with Nadia

All levels

Wake your mind and stretch your body with some gentle, peaceful yoga. Yoga in the morning has many benefits--just do a quick Google search and see! These classes are appropriate for all levels and do not build--come anytime. 

Vinyasa Flow

All levels

Vinyasa classes work you up to lots of movement, flowing from one pose into the next, using the breath as a guide. These classes help build heat and breath-body connections. Familiarity with basic yoga poses is helpful. 

Yin Flow 1

with Danielle

All levels

Yin flow classes incorporate movement along with holding to help you feel into your body. Modifications are provided (up and down) so you can tailor the class to your needs/level. Familiarity with basic yoga poses is helpful.

Yin Flow 2

with Danielle


A longer, more challenging class for those with a solid foundation in yoga. Work through more movement and more poses; touch on some breathwork and build your balance, flexibility, and mobility. The sequence is roughly the same each time.

This is a meditative, passive, floor-based practice, with long holds and props for support. Yin yoga works into connective tissue, and is especially great for those with joint issues and tightness in the body. No familiarity with yoga is needed to join a class.

All levels

Yin Yoga

with Danielle


with Danielle

Yoga Shred(R) Certified


If you would like a little extra cardio and sweat woven into your yoga class, this is for you. Warm up with breathwork and yoga flows, and eventually progress to three 4-minute, tabata-style HIIT sequences inspired by Sadie Nardini's Yoga Shred (TM).  Cool down with gentle yoga and a well-deserved Savasana.

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