• Danielle Carlson

Missing all of you- by Danielle

Before all this started, I regularly attended class with Jess on Sunday mornings.

I recently brought my "good" mat home from the studio (I think I own 4 mats total haha!). This mat has a distinct smell due to the material it is made of.

Today, I was in child's pose with my face down on the mat. My eyes were closed; Jess was talking to us via Zoom. Hearing her voice, with my eyes closed and the smell of the mat, brought me back to the studio and her class, which I regularly attended on Sunday mornings. Jess often had near 10 people in class.

Now, I'm someone with a huge space bubble, and I have no problem practicing yoga at home all alone. But today, I felt something different. I felt the absence of those nine other people in class, and the way that class felt, energetically, with others around.

If you've been doing yoga via Zoom or with videos, I bet you can feel it, too. The energy is so different. You pick up on energy more than you think you do.

This is not a post about energy though.

I'm extremely introverted and have not been saddened by quarantine at all--until today. I'm feeling it today.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I miss you all very much, and I believe all the Rooted Studio instructors feel the same.

I could sit here and wallow in misery, which would be so easy on this gloomy day, but I instead I'd like to take this sad moment and turn it into an opportunity for gratitude. I am so grateful to still be able to see you via Zoom (and we've noticed a slight increase in people joining zoom classes--it's SO GOOD to have you back!). I am grateful for the technology that allows us to record videos for you to use on your own time. I grateful for every single donation that you have provided, to allow us to keep running behind the scenes. I am grateful that we can still carry on, even if it's not ideal.

Thanks for hanging with use through this time. If you've continued to practice with us (or anyone else!), thank you for making time in your day to care for yourself. It's so important to make space for finding balance between movement and quiet reflection.

And maybe, just maybe, during this period you can learn new things about yourself, expanding and growing in beautiful ways. Maybe you can get better connected with your mind and body. Maybe you can develop a stronger sense of self-love, which is neither dirty nor selfish, but 100% necessary. And then you can come out of this craziness as an even stronger presence in the world, more confident, more self-aware, and ready to change the world (even if just at a local level!) in amazing ways.

So again...I, we, miss you. Thank you for all your support. Keep practicing, keep learning. And we can't wait to see you soon.



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